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Special Nose Pad: Ceramic Nose Pad

More number of eyewear brands are interested in special nose pads made of titanium, acetate, ceramic and so on. Today, I will share some of our ceramic pad examples.

Colorful ceramic pads

Try the benefits of Non-oxidized, non-allergenic and no-discoloration ceramic (Zirconium oxide) made nose pads.

Design Variations(4 designs)

CEP-01 CEP-02 CEP-03 CEP-04

Color Variations(6 colors)

     White         Dark gunmetal Silver

   (material color)      (material color) (PVD color)

Gold Champagne gold Pink gold

(PVD color) (PVD color) (PVD color)


4 important features(for all types)

1) Is non allergenic

2) Does not absorb oil from the skin or any other cosmetic grease

3) Does not breed bacteria

4) Does not contain harmful substances

Comply with REACH regulations

Laser engraving

Original patterns can be laser engraved on the ceramic nose pads or shaped by molding.

※Original patterns are available. Please contact us for further information.


Pink gold(CEP-01) Silver(CEP-02)


Champagne gold(CEP-02)

We can produce original titanium nose pads with your own design. Laser logo, coloration by plating are available. Also, there are some other interesting materials including acetate, ceramic and silicone. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about our products.

Have a great day!

Masado Fukuoka


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