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INTER EYES (23rd floor) in Dongguan, China


INTER EYES is 2 hours from Guangzhou airport by car.


EURO VISION in Fukui, Japan

Our history began in 1994 as an eyewear components wholesaler in Fukui, Japan. Since then, we have accumulated expertise of eyewear development and production. In 2012, we started a new company "INTER EYES" in Dongguan, China. If you have problems with components / frame production in China, we will do our best and help you find great solutions. Our services are strongly recommended to those who,


・Produce eyewear frames in Europe or USA and need quality components at a reasonable cost.

・Produce eyewear frames in China and have difficulty controlling production.

・Produce eyewear frames in China and look for another manufacturer to enhance the quality of your frames.


We have been working with more than 30 manufacturers in China and developing a large number of original components. With our network and experience, we can propose new component ideas to enhance the value of your brands. In addition to this, we are happy to meet you in MIDO, Silmo, Hong Kong Fair and IOFT. Please contact us if you are interested in our presentation.

Trustworthy Inspection

Nowadays, it is not extremely difficult to get eyewear components or frames from China. However, there are still potential problems in terms of quality, delivery and technical misunderstanding. If you find out problems AFTER receiving the goods in your country, it can cost a lot and waste your time. By having our strict inspection for each component before shipping to your country, you can reduce the potential risks.  

​Technical Consultation

Even if you already have great ideas or designs, it is often not technically feasible. We have accumulated expertise in eyewear production and are ready to help you to realize what you want.

​Production Management

After you place an order to manufacturers overseas, it is often hard to know what is going on or when you can receive the goods. We do weekly visits factories in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Wenzhou and other areas in China to closely communicate with the manufacturers. We can keep you updated to help you understand the current production situations. If some problems happen, we will immediately visit the factory and discuss with them in person to solve the problems.

​Contact Us

​If you have questions about our products and services, feel free to contact us any time! 


If you are in France, please contact our french agent.



If you are in Italy, please contact our Italian agent.


23F07, HuiYe Building, 17 Dongguan Road, Dongcheng District, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong, CHINA (Sharry)

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